Assalamu'alaikum (Peace be upon you) !  

My name is Nusayba Maryam Siddiqi

I was named after Nusayba bint Ka'ab a companion of the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) and Maryam (Mary - peace be upon her), the mother of Prophet 'Isa (Jesus - peace be upon him). Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) said Maryam would be one of the four leaders of women in paradise. My parents hope that I will have the qualities of these two amazing women to become of those who enter paradise.

I try to keep my parents in shape by doing new and different, unexpected, things. My father's initial reaction to my birth is captured by the cartoon below. But trust me, he really loves me - my mother claims that I have him wrapped round my little finger J


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last updated: February 16, 2003